Breakfast Club

07:00 – 09:00

All breakfast club fee’s are inclusive of meals, snacks and drinks.

All breakfast club fee’s are payable monthly or weekly in advance by Standing Order, Bank Transfer, Child Care Vouchers, Credit/Debit Cards, Cheque or Cash.

No fees will be payable/charged when the premises are closed (Christmas week, Easter weekend and Bank holidays).

All fees are inclusive of meals, snacks and drinks.

Important: OSC overheads and expenses do not diminish if a child is absent. Full fees are payable even if your child is ill. Please discuss any serious long-term illness with the OSC manager.

Late payment charges of £25 will be applied to those accounts not cleared by 20th of each month.

Notice Period

Notice of withdrawal

One month’s notice of withdrawal, in writing, must be given or a month’s fees paid in lieu of notice.

Notice of Changes

One month’s notice in writing must be given for any changes in your child’s sessions.